A Minfulness Retreat Pt. 1 (9AM-12PM)

A Minfulness Retreat Pt. 1 (9AM-12PM)

Creating a More Balanced Life with Mindfulness Practices:

A Mindfulness Retreat, with Paula Huffman, BS, RN, ERYT


Does this Sound Familiar?

     “All I ever do is Work”

     “I take care of everyone but me”

     “I never have a minute to myself”

     “My electronics rule my life”

     “I have no separation between my personal and professional life”


Maintaining a healthy life balance can be essential for over-all health and well -being. It can also help to enhance the ability to focus attention and energy, while boosting productivity. As we begin to look at ways to bring balance into our lives, satisfaction and contentment can ensue.

The big question is…What does life balance really mean? What would a balanced life look like to us? And most importantly, how do we go about achieving it in the midst of our crazy schedules?


In this two week session we will explore the following:

  • What does a Balanced Life mean to me
  • Is Balance Attainable
  • Satisfaction levels in life components
  • Where are opportunities for growth
  • Mechanisms for Promoting Satisfaction and Fulfillment
  • Coping Techniques when Balance is not Possible
  • Managing Daily Stress
  • Self Care
  • Mindful Communication


9-12 noon

Jan 26, Feb 2

$65 in advance $75 Day of


For more information and to register:

[email protected]

919 260 0255

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