A Morning of Mindfulness Workshop (9am-12pm)

A Morning of Mindfulness Workshop (9am-12pm)

Mindfulness involves a conscious direction of awareness. When practicing Mindfulness we are making a conscious effort to remain aware of what is going on right now! We work on moving out of Auto Pilot and start to live life again! Mindfulness wakes us up to the fact that our lives unfold only in moments. It provides a simple but powerful route for getting ourselves unstuck and back in touch with our own wisdom and vitality. Through the Mindfulness practices we can learn to identify stress triggers and stress indicators. We practice bringing awareness to thoughts, emotions and physical sensations while they are happening. Learning the Mindfulness practices can help you to manage stress by allowing you to function from a calmer baseline, manage catastrophic thinking and choose to respond skillfully to difficult events in your life.


Join us in this Morning of Mindfulness which will include:

  • A discussion of stress, stress triggers, destructive coping mechanisms and how Mindfulness can help us to cope with stress in a more skillful manner.
  • An identification and experience of practices that we can incorporate into our daily life to help us step out of Auto Pilot and live our life to the fullest.


Additional Mindfulness practices throughout the morning will include:

  • The Body Scan (a mind body connection practice)
  • Simple Mindful Movement in the form of Yoga to help prepare the body for seated meditation.
  • Mindful Eating
  • Seated Meditation
  • Loving Kindness Meditation


This Morning of Mindfulness is open to all levels of practitioners. No experience in Meditation is necessary. All are welcome! Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your meditation cushion if you have one.


The program will run from 9am through 12pm at the Kure Beach Community Center. To register, email Paula Huffman at [email protected] or call (919) 260-0255. The cost to participate is $40. 

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