Public Hearing on proposed FY19 budget

Public Hearing on proposed FY19 budget

The proposed budget is available for viewing in the Town Clerk’s office on the website at under Town News.

Highlights are:

  • Increase to property tax increase of 4.5 cents per $100 value raising the current rate of 28.5 cents to 33.0 cents
  • Increase in monthly residential garbage service of $1 from $6 to $7 for the first cart and $2 per month from $12 to $14 for after the first cart
  • Increase in monthly commercial garbage service of $4.28 per cart from $26.25 to $30.63.The residential first cart and commercial rates have not changed in 5 years. This is necessary to cover associated costs that have increased.
  • Increase in monthly curbside recycling service of 13 cents per cart from $4.88 to $5.01. Recycling rates have not increased since fiscal year 2013.
  • Changes to the water and sewer rate structure:
    • Residential –new rates for the portion of monthly usage over 12,000 gallons
    • Commercial and out of jurisdiction – new rates for the portion of monthly usage above 70,000 gallons
  • An additional full time staff member in Administration and one in Recreation
  • A 2% cost of living adjustment and a 2% merit pool for full time staff

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