Restorative Yoga Class (2PM)

Restorative Yoga Class (2PM)

Restorative Yoga Class

Sunday, October 20th at the KB Community Center

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Cost $20, must pre-register with Instructor


AHHH, Let the Bliss Begin!


Restorative Yoga is a series of poses in which you are effortlessly and completely supported with bolsters, blankets, and pillows. This practice creates a deeply relaxing, healing, and meditative experience. 


Restorative poses are sequenced to alternately stimulate and relax the body to move toward balance. Poses provide stretching of different areas of the body along with joint opening and muscle relaxation. The outcome is a general sense of deep relaxation, opening, and rejuvenation.


While beneficial to all, Restorative Yoga is especially effective during times of increased stress related to illness, injury, or major life changes. All levels of practitioners can benefit from this practice. No prior yoga experience is necessary.


Program will be led by:

   Paula Huffman, BS, RN, ERYT,Mindfulness Instructor

   Adjunct Faculty UNC Program on Integrative Medicine


   [email protected]

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