Year Long Fishing Tournament

Kure Pier Tournament

Categories this year include:

Rules and Regulations

  1. All fish must meet State Rules and Regulations.
  2. All fish must be hooked from the pier, but can be landed on beach if needed.
  3. You must have a Valid Permit from Pier.
  4. In case of a tie, first fish weighed in wins.
  5. No hand lines or bottle fishing allowed.
  6. NO mutilated fish.
  7. $10 entry fee per category, except youth pinfish($5).
  8. You must be entered into tournament before catching fish.
  9. If you are fishing a King Set up, that is your designated set up and only you can catch a fish from it for it to qualify for the tournament.
  10. The Tournament will be open from March 29, 2019 until November 10, 2019. The King Mackerel season as well as the tournament will run until we cut it off in the fall.  ie... If your still fishing a king rig on Kure Pier the King tournament is still open.
  11. As far as using someone else's non-king rod (ie.. plugging rod, bottom rod, anything that's not a king setup) If the owner of the rod gave you permission to use it, you make the cast, you hook and land the fish it is still a qualified fish for the tournament.
  12. King Mackerel fishing must follow the King Mackerel Rules posted in pier house.